17th Annual Baseball International Spring Training Tournament

Available Pool Players List

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          Due to the decreasing number of pool players over the last several years, it is not longer realistic to guarantee we can fill pool teams with players.  For example, if 18 pool players sign up, its too many players for one team and not enough for two teams. If no catchers or shortstops sign up, a team would not be able to compete.

          To provide pool players the opportunity to play, players not already on a team wishing to join one can request to be put on the below available players list that will be provided to all managers.  If selected, the player will then be able to sign up and register for a specific team.

          Alternatively, if the available player list gets large enough and has enough players covering all of the positions, we'll make a pool team and notify the players they can register.  Additionally, if someone wishes to build a team from the available player list and add players they know to fill out positions (Ed Garelick is currently forming a Gringoes team), you are also welcome to do so.  Hopefully these approaches allow us to keep our tradition of pool player team going.

Name Contact Info Positions Experience
Bryce Harper TheMan@Nationals.com
(202) 123 4567
CF SS P Played MSBL for 10 years, now playing MSBL 50+ league
Bob Leech baseballbob7@sbcglobal.net
216 741 4595
2B P 1B  



Evolving Gringoes Pool Team Roster

Name Contact Info Positions Experience
Ed Garelick Manager P 1B Played for 60 years, managed for 30
Sandy Cordaro   C  
Paul  Warhit   OF  
Richard Grayson   OF  
Doug Henderson   C 2B  
Adrian Rosati   OF  






Name:                                                                         Positions Played:

Address:                                                                                 Shirt Size: XXL XL L M

City:                                        State:                          Zip Code:

Home Phone:                               Office Phone:                        Age:



[  ] I have enclosed the registration fee of  $495

[  ] This is my first time at the tournament.  I was referred to the tournament by:

[  ] The team I will play on is:



     I understand that certain risks are inherent in my participation in the game of baseball and traveling to this event.  I assume these risks of my own accord and will hold the Baseball International and the city of Fort Myers and the City of Palms Complex harmless of any injury or illness I may sustain in the course of traveling to/from this event, playing baseball, or while participating in any associated activities.  I am aware of the risks, dangers, and hazards associated with this activity and I hereby waiver any and all claims. I attest that I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that could be affect my participation. I also hereby authorize the organizers to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention and hereby waive and release them from any liability from injuries or illness incurred. I also agreed that if I  cancel for any reason prior to November 15th that a $100 cancellation fee applies and that no refunds will be made after November 15th.

      Signature:                                                             Date:  


Please print this form and mail it with your registration fee to:

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