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Brazil Baseball Road Trip

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Sao Paulo was the site of our international tournament with players from the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Cuba all competing.


Downtown Sao Paulo was an interesting mix of architectures and scenic beauty with several large ethnic areas of Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, and Italian descendants.


The Sao Paulo cathedral in downtown was an immaculate sight during our first morning of sightseeing.


The Foreign Devils join teams from Brazil and Argentina for the opening flag raising ceremony.


The flags raised and each countries anthem song, it was time to play baseball.


The Foreign Devils prepare for their first game against Argentina in the Sao Paulo tournament.


Game action versus Argentina won by the Devils 18-7.  The baseball complex was the home field for the Dragons who we would face in game 5.


With a Foreign Devil on 2nd, Argentina winds up for the pitch.


A view of downtown Sao Paulo from  Ibirapuera Park, home to a variety of museums where we visited the Museum of Modern Art.


A modern art display in Ibirapuera Park.


Originally a train station, this facility was converted into a jail for political prisoners in the 1970's.  Today it serves as a museum reminder of those turbulent times in Brazil's history.


Game 2 action versus Lorena.  Down by 1 in the last inning, we score 8 times to win 14-6 to remain undefeated.


A day in the park! Atlantic Park is the last remaining vestige of the forests that once surrounded Sao Paulo.


Filled with wild life such as this monkeys, our 4 mile roundtrip stroll in nature was a great way to stretch before our next game.


The view of Sao Paulo from atop a hill in Atlantic Park.


Games 3 action versus the Giants as the Devils score again!


The Giants in a post game team photo were gracious players and great sportsman.


Souvenir shopping at the stone store was interesting and greatly increased the weight of most players luggage. By the last game it appeared that some players ran as if they had 100 lbs of stone in their pockets . . . .


Lunch at the baseball complex.  After each game we also were hosted for receptions in this area were we could mix with all of the tournament players.


Game 4 was against a Brazilian/Argentina all star team.


The Foreign Devils warming up for the start of the All Star game.  The weather all week was great and the baseball competition fabulous fun.


The manual scoreboard ala Fenway Park tracked the score, count, and outs.


All Star game action.  We rallied to win 11-9 heading into our final game against the undefeated Dragons.


Action from the Lorena-Giants game.  Notice how the outfield was cut out of the clay hill beyond the right field fence. 


Sightseeing and shopping in the colonial city and open markets of Bembu on a beautiful Brazilian morning before the championship game.


The Sao Paulo Dragons trophy room was an impressive sight of hardware. Feeling any pressure to win the championship game yet?


Game 5 against the Dragons for the championship trophy!


The Dragons were cheered on by their fans the entire game  while we had one our best pitching performance of the week only to lose 6-1.  That championship trophy was too big for my suitcase anyway!


The champion Sao Paulo Dragons played hard, had fun, and won it all.


Not being a fool, I traded myself to the Dragons for future considerations but they still said I couldn't take the championship trophy home . . . . . .


All the final game all tournament teams lined up for the trophy presentation.


The award ceremony during which the Devils' Brian Scholtisek was named tournament MVP.  He wouldn't give me his trophy either.


Our farewell dinner was a traditional Brazilian Churrascaria barbecue of beef, pork, chicken and fish fresh from the barbecue pit and sliced at our table . We may have lost the championship game, but sadly no one could out eat our team!


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