China Baseball Road Trip

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Opening ceremonies at our first game kick off day one of our Chinese baseball adventure extravaganza in Beijing! 


Seventh inning stretch in China is a little different than here in the USA! 


Our first game was a one hit, 1-0 win over a Japanese team that was followed by a group lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. 


Then it was off in 16 rickshaws for our sightseeing tour of the historical Hutong district of Beijing with several stops along the way. 


While rickshawing around Beijing, we were lucky enough to run into the Pope who blessed us for bringing the American game to China.


Pitching great Shohei Osata struck out 5 players pitching in relief against one of the top Chinese teams.  Shohei pitched like Eiji Sawamura while batting like Shigeo Nagashima.


The Summer Palace was the summer home of the Emperor and offered some great photography. 


After climbing to the top of the tower, we left on a dragon boat and headed off to our next game.


The Boys of Beijing posing for the obligatory team photo at the Summer Palace.  We took two teams and left China with a winning record.


Action from our game versus the Beijing Eagles with Robert Siciliano ready to stoke one out.


The umpires were consistent and better than in most countries we have played. 

We climbed to the top of the Great Wall of China (well, some did!) on an off day.


It was a long way up, over, and around, but Robert Bohn was 1st with Sandy and Marty Scharf coming in tied for 2nd in making us proud by doing the entire circuit.


Tianjian takes on Guangdong in a Chinese Major League Baseball game. 


Tianjian built on a 2 run lead to win the game.  Note the scoreboard.


Tinanmen Square lead us to the start of our Forbidden City tour.


The color entrance to the Forbidden City with Mao's picture over the entrance.

The Forbidden City tour was an enjoyable stroll through history and beautiful architecture. 


 Inside we were entertained by the troops who having read the local box scores knew we were no threat to anyone.


The mood was somber in our dugout after we fell behind, but after rallying for the win it erupted into a frenzy.


After rallying from 6 down to win 7-6, we have the customary hand shake and gift exchange with our  Northern Beijing Polytechnic University at the Olympic Stadium. 


Five minutes from our hotel was beautiful Purple Bamboo Park.


Purple Bamboo Park was a morning excursion taken by most team members and is one the largest parks in Beijing.


The Beijing Tigers line up for a pre game greeting at Beijing Stadium. 


 And a trip to China wouldn't be complete without a visit to the pandas.


Action from our game against Tsinghua University where we once again fell behind early but rallied to win.


Our team photo with the Tsinghua University team. All our our opponents gave us a warm welcome making our trip a wonderful baseball and friendship experience.


We visited the Temple of Heaven to pray for more pitching and were rewarded the next day!


China has billions of people and millions of stairs!


Looks like someone in our group is hoping to get lucky tonight!


Pre game warm ups at Lucheng were we lost a hard fought 6-4 game against a Chinese minor league team.


At the Lamasery we visited the world's largest Buddha before heading of for shopping at the new Silk Alley.


Our road trip to play the National team in Tainjin was exciting.


 Our team poses with the Chinese National Team for a group photo.

We visited the Temple of Heaven to pray for more pitching and were rewarded the next day!


Pre-game warm-ups before one of our games versus the University Of North China.


The University Of North China baseball field is also a soccer field, so the entire field is dirt.  Interesting and quite playable, but the 100 degree temperature made it quite the oven.



Gilmore's 3-run homer leads us to victory in our final game!  Boy, you'd think this Gilmore guy does the web pages or something . . . . 

The post-game gift exchange and handshakes were a daily ritual and a great way to meet the opposing players.


 After winning by 1, we shake hands before heading to the banquet.

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