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Our Italian Baseball Adventure

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Our visit to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius started our Italian baseball road trip sightseeing program.


We made a day trip to see the ancient city of Pompeii that was covered by volcanic ash in 79 AD.



The tour of Pompeii provided insights into how the people lived, including graffiti on some walls criticizing the Roman government.




Our welcome dinner complete with the requisite team photo.  By the end of the week we would need a wide angle lens for this shot!




Game day in Nettuno where all the signs lead to the stadium and the traffic pours in.




The Foreign Devils begin warming up for game one.




Nettuno warms up every available pitcher to try and shutdown the Foreign Devils hit machine.  But after the game, its a gift exchange with our opponents who also hosted us for a post game dinner.



St Peter's in Vatican City was the logical place to start praying for some clutch hits. We visited a few weeks after the new Pope was selected.




The interior of St Peter's is more impressive, but nothing beats the Sistine Chapel for artistic affect.



The War Memorial dwarfs the near by Roman ruins.



The American Cemetery in Anzio was a solemn stop before our game against the Nettuno Indians.  Italian youths on the burial detail in 1944 were introduced to baseball during their breaks.  We played in Nettuno, the nearby Italian baseball capital, after our  cemetery visit.



Game two action against the Nettuno Indians on another beautiful summer day.



A post game team photo with the Nettuno Indians.




Our tour of old Rome included seeing the coliseum and walking across the arena above the lion pits.



One of the first war memorial arches is located just outside the coliseum.



The Roman Forum was an impressive site were we learned the true history of the vestal virgins (they never got to first base).




Game three was against a talented Aqua team in Rome.




Aqua Stadium is located minutes from downtown Rome.




Our evening walking tour included the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps on a glorious summer evening.



On our arrival in Florence, we had a free afternoon to tour the city and its historic sites. Our hotel was located directly on the river complete with historic views.




The magnificent Duomo of Florence stands above all other buildings in the city. Construction began in the 12th century and was not completed until the dome was built in the 15th century. On the right is Brunelleschi's dome artwork.




Things looked good during warm-ups before our first Florence game against Padule.  The rainbow was not a sign of things to come this day.




Ponte Vecchio, literally meaning "Old Bridge," was first constructed in 972 AD, but was damaged by floods and fire several times in the course of history. There have been shops lining this bridge since the 12th century, if not before.




The sights and sounds of Florence, home to great architecture and historical buildings.



We jumped off to a one run lead and never looked back in game five.




Our final game against Padule resulted in a one run win to cap off our five game series in Rome and Florence.







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