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     In November 1913 a group of Chicago White Sox and New York Giants players left the US on an around the world tour that would take them  four months to complete.  Starting in Tokyo and ending in London, the Giants and White Sox played each other in Japan, China, Philippines, Australia, Ceylon, Egypt, France, and England.  This feat was never been repeated until 91 years later when Baseball International not only duplicate the 1913-14 World Tour in 24 days, but exceed the original tour by playing games in Paris and Rome where the original tour was rained out.  As the 1913-14 tour was, our 2005 World Tour is the greatest baseball road trip of our century.

    The map outlines game locations in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Sri Lanka, Cairo, Rome, Nice, Paris, and London.  We played in 20 days in 13 cities spread over 9 countries.


Day  Date  Baseball International's 2005 World Tour
 1  May 1  Leave the USA for Tokyo and begin the adventure!
 2  May 2  Arrive in Tokyo and adjust to the time change
 3  May 3  Game #1 in Tokyo, Imperial Palace and Ninja dinner
 4  May 4  Arrive in Shanghai and play Game #2. Evening on the Bund.
 5  May 5  Travel to Hong Kong and an evening harbor cruise
 6  May 6  Hong Kong sightseeing, Game #3, & visit to a little league tournament
 7  May 7  Arrive in Manila for that afternoonís Game #4
 8  May 8  Morning Game #5, then fly to Brisbane via Singapore
 9  May 9  Arrive in Brisbane, sightseeing in town, and Game #6
 10  May 10  Fly to Sydney with a free day for sightseeing in town
 11  May 11  Sydney city tour followed by Game #7
 12  May 12  Fly to Melbourne for Game #8 and a night on the town.
 13  May 13  Melbourne Cricket Grounds Tour and flight to Sri Lanka
 14  May 14  Arrive in Colombo for afternoon tea
 15  May 15  Sightseeing in Colombo followed by  Game #9
 16  May 16  Travel to Cairo with a stop in the United Emirates for sightseeing
 17  May 17  Trip to the pyramids and Egyptian Museum followed by Games #10 & 11
 18  May 18  Morning tour of pyramid and Sphinx, then travel to Rome via Geneva
 19  May 19  Morning tour of ancient Rome followed by Game #12
 20  May 20  Travel to Nice, free beach day, and evening Game #13
 21  May 21  High speed train thru the countryside to Paris for  #14
 22  May 22  Free morning followed by the Chunnel train to London  and Game #15
 23  May 23  Thames River tour and our farewell banquet
 24  May 24  Survivors arrive back in the USA for Victory Parade!

Combining baseball games with international sightseeing at every stop on our world wide journey meant an aggressive schedule had to be maintained.  Amazingly, we made plane, bus, and hotel without any glitches.

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My final few days of rest at Baseball International's Tokyo Offices.


Several world tour players arrived early to adjust to the time change and were able to attend Tokyo Giant (top) and Yokohoma BayStar (bottom) Nippon Professional Baseball games.


The view from our New Otani Hotel looking towards Tokyo Bay.


A visit to the Edo Museum provided an interesting overview of the history of Japan.


A sumo exhibition was held outside of the Edo Museum.  The Sumo Arena is located next door to the museum


We alternated wearing replica 1914 New York Giants and Chicago White Sox world tour jerseys.  In our pregame picture before game 1 in Tokyo we are wearing the Giants uniforms and the special 1913/14 world tour cap that wore only on world tour.  Note the 3/4 sleeves and small cap bills.


Our first game opponents were the Tokyo Cubs.  Note the lack of a uniform number on our jerseys which major league teams didn't start adopting until the late 1920's.


Game 1 action in Tokyo versus the Cubs.


Japanese adult leagues use a rubber baseball that made fielding any ball that bounced a challenge.


A post game photo op with both teams after our inaugural World Tour game in Tokyo..


After the game we had a send off dinner at the Ninja restaurant complete with caves, ninjas and evidentially some guy dressed as a genie!


It's amazing how happy the players were while they thought drinks were free.


6am and the bus leaves for the Tokyo Airport with our motley crew half awake.


Proof that Americans don't know how to pack for a 24 day trip was evident when we had to load luggage inside the bus once we arrived in Shanghai.  It was even more fun when the driver went to the wrong hotel, unloaded the luggage, and then had to reload it.


The view from our Pudong Marriot Hotel was of dozens of new apartment buildings.


Warming up before game two in Shanghai wearing our 1914 Chicago White Sox Uniforms.


Once they heard from the Japanese what a powerhouse team we had, the Chinese decided we should be playing their younger team.


The scene down the first base line for our game against the Shanghai Sports High School.


While we played baseball, the girls softball team practiced for three hours in the background.


Boy, this looks like it was a homer!


Our Chinese lazy susan dinner after the Shanghai game.


After dinner, we strolled along the Bund, Shanghai's famous waterfront running along the west shore of the HuŠngpu River.


Once a muddy tow path for boats along the river, the Bund was where the foreign powers that entered Shanghais after the Opium War of 1842 erected Western-style banks and trading houses.





In Manila we went right from the plane to the stadium where our games had been heavily advertised.


The view from my room at the Melbourne Hilton looking towards downtown.


Our first stop in Cairo was a visit to the Egyptian Museum and its vast historical treasures.


The view from my window at the Cairo Marriot looked down the Nile north to Alexandria.



Between games of our doubleheader we modeled our new fezs that actually complemented our uniforms quote nicely.

Camel up boys!

Hi Dasha and Zhenya!

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